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AFTIDLW:022417: Some information to report

A Fun Thing I Designed Last Week was an annual report. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Wait, that doesn’t sound fun.” Usually, I’d agree with you. I’ve put together annual reports before, and while I’m always pleased with how they turn out, I wouldn’t classify their design process as fun. To be honest, not even mildly amusing.

IHMVCU 2016 Annual Report

But this is different. This is IHMVCU and they changed things up this year. No more mass-printed annual report. Strictly digital this year, on their site ready to be printed at home or in any of their branch locations should a member desire a hard copy.

So what made it fun? First off, we didn’t have a silly little thing like a limited number of pages keeping us in check. Not having that balancing act of making it all fit and still look good was refreshing. Second, this annual report shifted focus to bite-sized nuggets of information: Various credit union stats delivered in easily digestible bits up front with all the nitty gritty nuts and bolts at the end.

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