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AFTIDLW:021017: Knock knock. Who’s there? Banana.

A Fun Thing I Designed Last Week was not a banana.

This is a banana.

But unbeknownst to me, a banana apparently inspired my color choices. I was asked to come up with a t-shirt design for the 11th Annual Steve’s Old Time Tap Spring Chaser 5K. The race director provided me images of all the previous year’s shirt designs, and yellow was nowhere in the mix. So that’s where I started.

It’s not the same typeface as Ben & Jerry’s, I swear.

I showed this to my daughter, and she said, “Nice, banana colors.” She was right and I did it without even realizing it.

When my wife is getting ready for work in the morning, she’ll sometimes ask, “Does this go together?” My reply always has been, “If the colors happen together in nature, then it’s going to work.”

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to run 3 miles by April 29. I kind of like the race shirt.

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