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AFTIDLW:020317: A shirt design for music students

A Fun Thing I Designed Last Week- or AFTIDLW – is a shirt design for a group of Rock Island High School band, choir, and orchestra students heading to Florida over spring break to perform at Disney. Work direction for this project was “not really a theme other than the state of Florida” and “RIHS music department Florida trip 2017”.

Here’s the final design:

Let’s take a look at how we got there. Here are the three initial rough concepts to get the ball rolling.

After some group discussion on the client end, they reported back that they liked the Miami Vice colors of the first one, but the look of the middle one. This is when I started playing around.

The one above was the logical first step, but those rays on the top half really looked out of place with this color scheme. They had to go.

This version is better, but felt very bottom heavy. At this point, I decided to go for overload and put all the things in there. The client loved it. Also, this uses only one color of ink, which will save them a little bit on printing. 🙂

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